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Purchase / Logistics Manager
£30,000 - £40,000 West Midlands

Procurement jobs

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Purchasing jobs are characterised by different skills. This job requires some basic skills, such as interacting with vendors, handling funds and providing great customer service. Buying jobs as a career allow people to get into the role of buying and selling goods either as agents, buyers or managers. People who secure purchasing jobs as managers are in charge of buying goods and services, which they can then resell to customers and they are always looking out for the best deals for their employer.

Buyer jobs include the need to have knowledge about the market competition. Making sure that the product is the best, so you can stay ahead of all the competition in order to succeed. Procurement jobs may involve repeat purchasing from a single place. Other jobs in procurement can have a different approach, such as finding partners to supply to that one organisation on a long term basis.