About Us


staffbay.com is the world's most dynamic recruitment website and it's FREE to use. Our product is set to speed up the evolution of the world's recruitment processes and bring employers and candidates into one anothers "world of work" in an instant. 

In the summer of 2009, two recruitment experts had an idea. 

With more than 30 years experience between them, they could see that technology was changing the rules of the recruitment game like nothing before, and the credit crunch was tightening belts. Employers and Candidates were expecting higher standards and better value. More and more, they were mixing traditional recruitment methods with the use of social media, moving beyond the advertise-and-sift model. 

staffbay's innovative solution combines the best of both methods on one site like never before.

Instead of keeping Employers and Candidates apart, it would bring them together becoming a bridge to build relationships. This service is totally FREE - advertise your job for FREE, search candidates for FREE. Find a job for FREE. Candidates can upload their CV and provide a simple to use career profile builder including videos, messaging, webcam skype chat and a whole lot more for employers to review, all designed to help Candidate and Employer get to know more about each other, and that's all before you even consider dedicating time, effort and travel to physical interviews.

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