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Salary Range
C++ Application Programmer
£45,000 - £75,000 United Kingdom
Labratory Technician £15,000 - £35,000 Glamorgan / Pontypridd
Regulatory Manager Job in East Anglia
£47,000 - £73,000 United Kingdom
Senior Microbiologist Job in Oxford £36,000 - £42,000 United Kingdom / South East
Senior Asbestos Bulk Analyst
£19,000 - £25,000 Suffolk / Newmarket
Asbestos Analyst £22,000 - £28,000 Essex / Wickford
Principal Consultant Ecologist
£38,000 - £45,000 Oxfordshire
Environmental Fate Specialist £38,000 - £42,000 West Midlands / Coventry
Environmental Modeller
£38,000 - £42,000 West Midlands / Coventry
Asbestos consultant /Asbestos Surveyor £18,000 - £25,000 Northamptonshire / Northampton
Asbestos Project Manager
£28,000 - £30,000 West Midlands / Coventry
Chemist or Chemical Engineer £21,000 - £29,000 United Kingdom
Air/Asbestos Analyst
£15,000 - £21,000 Derbyshire / Swadlincote

Science Jobs

New to science and looking for science graduate jobs ? Or an experienced scientist looking for jobs in science ? Staffbay can help!

Generally, there are more science jobs available for each candidate when compared to other professions. This is an advantage for scientists, as this indicates that there are many science jobs options at any time and that they do not have many competition from other applicants desiring the same job. In general, science graduate jobs are well paid. Salaries and rewards are usually above the average. To attract potential applicants into most scientific fields, organisations are willing to give additional benefits.

There are different jobs in science that you can apply for in the field of science. This is because, there are high demands for scientists as compared to the small number of professionals specialising in a specific area. Jobs in science UK is easy to get due to the modern infrastructure, equipment’s and technologies.  All the science firms in UK offer great pay package to scientists including the fresher levels.