Chemist or Chemical Engineer in United Kingdom

Applying for the Chemist or Chemical Engineer role

The need for high quality catalysts and catalyst systems continues to expand at an ever increasing rate. Growing concerns for the global environment have led to more worldwide governmental legislation for increased emission controls. As precious metal prices continue to escalate, the need for advanced wash coat designs to enable more efficient use of precious metals has never been more important. Revcoat is ready to meet these needs through the use of the most advanced materials in our innovative wash coats applied with precision coating processes. With manufacturing versatility, Revcoat is positioned to provide catalyst solutions to a wide variety of markets on a worldwide basis. Coating capabilities span from small catalysts used for appliance applications and small stationary combustion engines to automotive catalysts and large industrial units used for large volume exhaust treatment.
Job Title: Chemist or Chemical Engineer
Location: United Kingdom
Salary: £21,000 - £29,000
Type: -Select job type-
Job Sector: Scientific
Sub Sector: Chemical Engineering
Job Reference No: Revcoat Technologies Ltd 1

Job Description

This position is responsible for, at the direction of a senior level manager, performing routine and non-routine laboratory work according to the standard laboratory procedures and assisting in the commercial scale-up of aftermarket and OEM automotive catalyst coating procedures, and catalyst manufacturing, including formulations with the use of Precious Metals elements.
• Ensure laboratory activities do not endanger the health and safety of REVCOAT employees nor violate federal, state, or local regulations.
• Synthesize lab-scale catalyst formulations according to proprietary or experimental methodologies defined by a senior level R&T staff member, e.g., Senior Applications Chemist, Project Leader, Applications Manager or Group Leader.
• Mix, prepare, and analyze slurry base metal washcoat, and precious metal mix coating; measure physical and chemical properties of coating mixes, and catalysts substrates using proper instrumentation.
• Design and implement catalyst substrates development schedules in accordance with customer requirements based on either communication with senior R&T staff members and/or Marketing & Sales.
• Plan, coordinate and inventory of raw materials, including precious metals.
• Evaluate customer complaints and in coordination with senior R&T staff members and provide recommendations either directly to the customer.
• Train new R&T staff members regarding REVCOAT catalysts technology and operation of catalyst substrate characterization equipment. Maintain and trouble shoot instrument in
the lab.
• Maintain accurate records in sampling and developing new technology. This requires maintenance of shared-drive database and laboratory notebook.
• Work with the production and QC department to trouble shoot problems that arise.
• Plan and attend site- safety meetings and serve as laboratory safety officer.

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