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Job Title
Salary Range
£0 - £200,000 United Kingdom
Window Cleaner £16,000 - £20,000 Essex / Southend-on-Sea
Apprentices required
£12,000 - £50,000 Hertfordshire / Hemel Hempstead
Business Administartion Apprenticeship £5,000 - £5,000 Staffordshire / Newcastle-under-Lyme
Apprentice Water treatment Engineer
£6,000 - £7,000 Oxfordshire / Witney
Trainee Nursery Nurse £5,000 - £6,000 Buckinghamshire / High Wycombe

Apprenticeships Jobs 

Are you a budding apprentice ? Looking for UK Apprenticeships ? search our latest apprenticeship vacancies

Sometimes it can feel like getting started in an industry can be tough. People want you to have experience but you can't get that because being awarded your first job is tough. Staff Bay has a range of apprenticeships jobs that can help bridge this gap and ensure that your first step on the career ladder comes sooner than later.
When you browse through the range of UK apprenticeships that we have on offer you'll see that there is something for everyone. We operate across a number of industries so finding apprenticeship jobs in your chosen profession is made as easy as possible. 
If you're someone that has apprenticeship vacancies that you need to fill then make sure you get in touch. Our website makes it easy for you to list your vacancy and we're certain than you'll find the perfect employee to fill it quickly and without hassle.