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How to make the most of your Staffbay.com profile

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Unlike other job sites, staffbay.com lets you create unlimited job posts which are instantly live. It’s completely up to you how many job adverts you choose to post, and you can manage them all quickly and easily – all you need to do is sign up for a free account. For added flexibility, anybody from your business can be an administrator, so if you’re busy, this is the recruitment site for you.

When posting a job, there are a vast array of sectors and subs-sectors to choose from, and you can indicate whether the role is full-time, part-time, temporary, or something different. The drop-down menus enable you to pinpoint the exact nature of the job, which means that only the most suitable candidates will be alerted.

There are also three boxes you can fill with qualitative information about the role – one each for the job description, required qualifications & skills and staff benefits.

It’s important to get these sections right, for two reasons. You want to attract the best candidates, first of all, but this part of your posting is effectively an opportunity to showcase what your company is all about.

Getting the job description spot-on is absolutely crucial. You might think the bare essentials are enough, but think again. Of course, it’s best to communicate the key details succinctly, but you should pay heed to questions of style as well. Writing professional, lucid prose is a valuable skill, and a flawlessly executed job description will show prospective candidates – and your competitors – that you mean business.

In the “required qualifications & skills” section, make sure you don’t miss anything out that’s essential to the role, and think very carefully about what you’re looking for. Trade accreditations or academic qualifications? Or both? Which sector specific skills and which “transferable” ones do you want to see (e.g. the ability to communicate effectively)?

Lastly, the staff benefits section lets you indicate what our American friends would call the “perks” of the job, but it’s also a place where you can give a flavour of your company’s culture. Tell prospective candidates what they stand to gain by being part of your business, and not just in terms of pay. As well as traditionally-understood benefits, you might indicate the kinds of development opportunities you offer and describe the social culture at your workplace.

Your profile at Staffbay.com is fully customisable, so you can post jobs in the way that you want to. It really is your call, and with our database of stellar candidates at the tips of your fingers, you can be sure of finding the right candidate.