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New Year… New Job?

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With the last of the Sherry consumed and the detritus of Christmas cleared away, thoughts often turn to new beginnings. The New Year seems like a natural time to make a major life change such as changing your job, but taking that step into the unknown can be daunting. Here at Staffbay.com we’re experts in helping you find the right job based on your experience and specific skill set. Here we present our top tips for New Year jobseekers.

Assess your options… and do your homework 

When making such a big step it’s important to be prepared. What kind of job do you want and what skills and qualifications will you be expected to possess? Are your skills adaptable? What kind of employer are you looking to work for? It’s a good idea to have a serious think about these questions the moment that nagging “new job” feeling hits – otherwise you’ll find yourself playing catch-up.

Luckily, at Staffbay.com it’s easy to do your homework on your next potential boss. Our database of trusted employers is only a mouse-click away. You’ll be able to see exactly what employers want and what their company is all about. Sign up for a profile today and make your New Year job search a whole lot easier.

Stay positive 

If you find yourself looking for a new job fairly regularly it can be easy to get downhearted. It might be easier said than done, but it’s important to think positively. Dwell on your strengths. What have you always been good at? In what ways can you demonstrably add value to a business? What are your greatest successes? If you get bogged down thinking about your limitations you’ll be more likely to produce a weaker CV or profile, and you might get hobbled by a lack of confidence in an interview.

In the New Year, take a positive outlook and resolve to be kinder to yourself.

A little reinvention won’t hurt

The world of employment is dynamic and constantly evolving. Everybody needs to reinvent themselves from time to time – even CEOs. Especially if you’re looking to pursue a new career path, taking that extra qualification or after-hours training class is a must. Put yourself ahead of the pack by learning a new skill, or sit with your CV and think carefully about the information you want to include. There are always ways to present your skillset in a different, better light, and remember – lots of skills are transferable.

Trust the experts  

If you have any doubts about the kind of job you’d like and want instantaneous access to a wide variety of employer profiles, contact Staffbay today. We are hugely experienced at finding people the job that’s right for them. Sign up or call us today for a confidential consultation.