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Staffbay calls for tax cuts as jobs market takes off

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 Social media-based recruitment website, staffbay.com, is calling for tax cuts for growing companies after seeing a 30 per cent rise in employer registrations in the third quarter of 2013.

The figures come after the news that the number of job applications via staffbay.com doubled in the first six months of the year.

Tony Wilmot, co-founder of staffbay.com which is based in Nottingham, is optimistic that the rise in employers looking for temporary staff is a sign that the economy is finally on the move again.

He says: “The recruitment market is an ideal barometer for the state of the economy. For so long now we’ve seen employers hold off from taking staff on. Then, earlier this year, we noticed that employers were adopting a “try before you buy” tactic of hiring temporary staff – now we’re seeing them shift up another gear and start to advertise permanent positions again.”

Tony says the government should capitalise on the this growing sense of optimism by giving tax breaks to profitable companies.

He adds: “The Chancellor should use his Autumn Budget to reward growing companies for surviving the recession and continuing to trade. Now that the economy is on the upturn again, I’m looking for George Osborne to lower taxes on profitable companies, so that they can afford to employ people, and reduce the welfare bill.”

“At staffbay.com we have the ability to see behind the scenes, and we’re aware that employers are being very proactive at interacting with candidates and building a network and a rapport for when the economy truly recovers. This has been borne out with the impressive rise in employers looking for candidates on staffbay.com.”
Tony says that those looking to kick-start or change their career should take heart from the boost in employers signing up to staffbay.com.

He says: “It takes just ten minutes to build a profile on staffbay.com, and what we say to people looking to show off their abilities is: focus on what will truly set yourself apart from the competition, and don’t just concentrate on the quick and easy options or resort to box-ticking. Using the power of social media and video CVs, it should take less than an hour to make a prospective employer sit up and take notice, in which time you can leap to the front of the interview queue.”