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How staffbay works for candidates and contractors

staffbay is a free site for candidates that enables you to build a relationship with employers from initial introduction through to job offer and acceptance.

You build a complete personal profile - not a CV, more a ‘CMe’ - including videos, photos, documentation and reviews, while maintaining full control over who sees what, and when they see it.

staffbay works like this:

• create your profile
• choose what you show
• search for jobs
• apply for jobs
• make further contact through staffbay messaging or skype
• review your job offer
• accept, decline or discuss job offer


You follow the same process as above and once you have accepted your job offer then its time to contact Giant if you haven't already got an umbrella service provider.
With Giant, you get higher take home pay than standard PAYE and gain statutory employment rights:

getting started:

  • You apply online, or phone the Giant enquiry team, quoting "staffbay"
  • Giant open your personal portal and guide you through registration.
  • Giant allocate a Employee Support Officer to you.
  • Giant sign a contract with the End Client.
  • You sign an employment contract with Giant.
  • Giant will activate the timesheet/expense entry sheets on your personal portal.

up and running:

  • You input your timesheets and expenses when it suits you using the Giant web-based portal which provides 24:7 access.
  • Giant invoice the End Client.
  • Giant receive cleared funds from the End Client.
  • Giant process your pay and payroll - you receive your money the SAME DAY, via CHAPS.
  • Your payslip is shown in your personal portal.
  • You can check your tracker, history, transactions and contact with Giant at any time.

Call the Welcome Team now on 0844 324 770 or visit www.giantgroup.com for further information
 If you're already registered, sign in using the boxes at the top right of the screen, or register as an employer or candidate.

Find out more about how to create your ‘CMe’.