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Job Title
Salary Range
Barber / Stylist
£22,000 - £26,000 City of London / London
SALON MANAGER £20,000 - £26,000 City of London / London
Call Centre Sales & Training Manager
£35,000 - £40,000 City of London / London
General Assistant £17,000 - £18,000 City of London / London

Leisure jobs

Like the great outdoors ? Looking for travel and tourism jobs ? We have plenty of jobs in leisure and tourism for you to apply for.


These days leisure jobs are particularly sought-after by many job seekers. These are amazing full time jobs or possibly part-time jobs, and you could even have the opportunity to travel yourself. To perform leisure jobs could be very lucrative work while you are doing a job you enjoy. The reason why travel and tourism jobs grow in great demand is that, everyone is stressed and going on vacation can help manage stress level.

Many experts have demonstrated many years ago that once the state of the economy is down, the plan to travel increases. The majority of travel companies are considering filling up their jobs in leisure and tourism. However this is beneficial to the travel businesses, because presently there are many more travel package deals available to offer travellers. Leisure and tourism firms today are offering self motivated individuals the opportunity in jobs in tourism.