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Job Title
Salary Range
Freelance Photographer
£1,000 - £20,000 West Midlands / Birmingham
Web Development/Graphic Design Apprentice £3,000 - £5,000 West Midlands / Birmingham
Account Manager
£30,000 - £35,000 West Midlands / Birmingham

Media jobs

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Getting into media jobs requires that you have to be very creative. Recruiters usually look for candidates with a demonstrated interest in digital media and newer types of technology. To be able to make yourself as strong a candidate as you possibly can for digital media jobs,  you need to get involved in many online activities as much as possible and refine your skills and knowledge of how media jobs work.

As the web and different digital technology continue steadily to integrate into every area of everyday life, many jobs in media now need at least some degree of digital tasks, this means that the growth in digital marketing jobs are shifting toward an integrated product, combining conventional and digital media activities. Design jobs are getting increasingly popular and the available job roles in the field of digital media is bound to evolve as digital technology keeps advancing.