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£21,000 - £25,000 Staffordshire / Walsall

Automotive jobs

Car enthusiast ? We have a great selection of Motor trade jobs and Automotive Engineering jobs awaiting your applications 



Automotive jobs in the motor vehicle sector are careers that can offer good pay and  excellent benefits. Many people who can perform automotive jobs may possibly go into business for themselves. Other people in this field will find motor trade jobs in a company. While many motor trade jobs offer great wages, they differ with a variety of tasks, depending on what type of motoring jobs you are engaged in.

Finding automotive engineering jobs, you will most likely be expected to help develop, design and adapt vehicles. Typically, an automotive engineer is the person responsible for the design or manufacture of auto-mobiles. The motor mechanic jobs involve the repair, servicing, inspecting the brakes, engines, and other vehicles parts. They can also carry out  routine car maintenance to prevent any possibility of breakdowns. Motor mechanics are able to effectively diagnose and make repairs within a reasonable amount of time.