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Matron/Nursing Manager
£35,000 - £45,000 East Sussex / Saint Leonards-on-sea

Social Care Jobs

Weather you are looking for health and social care jobs or Jobs in health and social care we are here to help

Social care jobs belong to the categories of occupation that will always need workers, since they always have many clients. Social care jobs usually require caring for the  needs of patients such as dietary needs, health, medications, hygiene, morale support and providing companionship, together with general assistance when required. Jobs in social care involve working in selected environments, such as in a private homes, medical centres or care homes.

Health and social care jobs cannot be given to anyone that apply for such positions. You must be a compassionate person to work these types of jobs in social care sector. You should be able to empathise with many patients you are dealing with on daily basis. Jobs in health and social care are usually held by many licensed professionals that look after people when they are old or sick, including nursing assistants, therapists, nurses, hygienists, the doctors, the dentists.