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What is Lot18? We are a members-only marketplace for the discovery of exceptional wines ranging from First Growths to Tuesday night tipples. Our aim is to give our members access to these wines in the knowledge that they will represent the highest quality and value. We hope you join our 750,000 members in the UK, France and the US and enjoy our service. We welcome questions and suggestions for improvements How does Lot18 source its wine? Our team of 15 wine experts scour all of the world"s wine regions to uncover the best wines - so that you, our members, don"t have to. We taste every wine we offer to be sure that you are getting only the best. In fact, our tasting process is so rigorous that only around 6% of the wines tasted by our curators end up as Lot18 offers. We work closely with winemakers to ensure that Lot18 can secure limited supply just for our members. We are always searching for that next hidden gem from whether a small independent winery in France"s Loire Valley, a California landmark from Napa , a treasure from Tuscany or a newcomer from Kent! We live by a simple rule: If we wouldn"t spend our own money on a wine, we simply don"t offer it. How does Lot18 work? Lot18 operates a model where a select "lot" or batch of wine is offered for a limited time only to our members. The offers will normally last a matter of days or until our members have bought all available quantity. Lot18 is not a wine supermarket. How do I join? If you know someone who is already a Lot18 member, he or she can send you an invitation. Or, you can sign up here. Membership to Lot18 is free. As a thank you for referring your friends and colleagues, if you invite someone to join Lot18 and he or she goes on to make a purchase, we shall give you a £18 credit!
Job Title: Account Manager
Location: United Kingdom / London
Salary: £20,000 - £30,000
Type: Full Time
Job Sector: Purchasing
Sub Sector: Purchasing Support
Job Reference No: Lot1

Job Description

Account Manager, Wine

At Lot18, we are dedicated to working alongside partner wineries, importers, and other suppliers to bring the very best wines from around the world to our members. The account manager will play a crucial role in working with wineries and importers in a responsive, accurate, helpful and professional manner. The position is very problem-solving oriented, and requires frequent phone, instant messaging chat, and e-mail communication, in a fast-paced, engaging environment.

The role holder will work with our wine experts and manage products through the lifecycle from wineries through to pre fulfillment liaising with marketing, design, membership services and logistics. In addition the role holder will provide feedback and iterative improvements post wholesale acquisition to improve relationships with providers and suppliers. In addition the role holder will provide important information for future sales and marketing campaigns especially around stock and quantity control.

Lot18’s team is smart, ambitious, and passionate. We seek people who communicate well, who are eager problem solvers, and who want to learn, grow, and develop their professional skills.

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