Italian speaking Researcher in Aldershot, Hampshire

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ProActive Marketing Ltd has been supplying technology companies with essential marketing intelligence since 1995. During this time the company has grown steadily, driven by rising demand for our unique service and the technical advances of information delivery. We remain absolutely committed to treating our clients with the premium customer care they deserve and to respond quickly to demands placed upon us. Our clients cover all areas of the technology spectrum with an interest in the software, services, hardware and network markets. As evidence of our compelling service most of our new customers find us via referral. Proactive Marketing Ltd was founded by (and continues to be led by) Barry Stevens. Barry has 35 years of sales and marketing experience across a range of IT and technology industries. We have a dedicated team of native European researchers who are totally committed to exceeding our clients campaign needs both in terms of 100% quality and delivery schedule.
Job Title: Italian speaking Researcher
Location: Hampshire / Aldershot
Salary: £14,000 - £16,000
Type: Full Time
Job Sector: Multilingual
Sub Sector: Italian
Job Reference No: PROAC-ITA

Job Description

To gather information on companies and contacts and the technology in use within the companies.

2 key methods are utilised: Extraction of information from published materials – e.g. web sites; Annual Reports; press articles Telephone conversations - each call has the objective of gaining the answer to a specific question – it may be contact-related or aimed at gathering information on the size of an organisation or to identify companies using a specific technology
Once fully competent, a Researcher will generally use both methods for parts of each day.


This is the most straightforward element of the role of Researcher and is the initial focus in terms of training.
Contacts that are on the ProActive database must be checked in detail before clients can use the information. These details then need to be verified again every 6 months. Much of this checking and verification is conducted by telephone. We may speak with Receptionists, HR Departments, Secretaries etc. in order to check some of the details as well as speaking with the contact directly. In all cases, we are simply checking or gathering information – we are NEVER selling or marketing to these contacts or companies

In many instances, we do not know who fulfills a specific role within a company; it might be that we do not know who is the Human Resources Director or the IT Director – in that case, we telephone the company and ask for this information. We initially speak with Receptionists, HR Departments, Secretaries and colleagues within the relevant department in order to identify the correct person and then we speak with the contact directly. In all cases, we are simply gathering information – we are NEVER selling or marketing to these contacts or companies.

All information that is gathered is updated into the database using our web-based applications. A key focus of this part of the job is to identify the appropriate classifications to be included on the records so that they can be retrieved when required by clients - the classification systems must be understood and applied – this is a key part of the training we provide.

Whenever possible, we use published material for this task since it is easier and quicker and the source is reliable.
Where that is not possible, we will telephone in order to gather that information.
Training is provided in this company research process once a Researcher has shown progress in achieving competence in Contact Checking and Contact Discovery.
The information gathered includes sizing information (e.g. number of staff, number of branches, number of PCs); classification (e.g. industry sectors; what does the company specifically do); technology (does the company use a specific software or hardware product etc.)
These calls are usually made to specific contacts within these companies and the conversations and the resultant updates to the database are somewhat more involved, which is why more experience is required.


Quality is paramount
Our reputation is that we deliver the highest quality – that reputation has been hard won but can easily be lost if we don’t focus on quality at all times
Therefore, our absolute focus is at all times on quality and completeness. Attention to detail is imperative and getting it right is an obsession – if we at any time have any doubt that we have gathered the correct information, our standard is to do the research again

It is imperative that we deliver on schedule – thus, everyone is expected to be aware of deadlines and scheduled progress and everyone is expected to do their utmost to ensure that they are met
If we have promised delivery of specific information to a client by a deadline, then that deadline must be met – the client’s success (and therefore ours) depends on it

We have a strategy to promote from within – we recruit at Researcher level only and enable those with the drive, capability and commitment to progress into the other roles.
This role of Researcher is essential preparation for all other roles within ProActive. To achieve full competence in this role, a thorough appreciation of the ProActive applications, methodologies and processes needs to be gained. Given this competence, opportunities exist to progress into other roles – for example:


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