Nursery Nurse in United Kingdom

Applying for the Nursery Nurse role

Job Title: Nursery Nurse
Location: United Kingdom
Salary: £0 - £6,000
Type: Contract
Job Sector: Education
Sub Sector: Nursery
Job Reference No: nursery

Job Description

We are looking for a caring, dedicated Nursery Nurse to be responsible for the educational, and psychological care of babies, toddlers, and small children. The Nursery Nurse's responsibilities include providing first aid, guidance to parents, and encouraging the development of young children.

To be a successful Nursery nurse, you should be skilled in and dedicated to infant handling and you should demonstrate a strong sense of empathy and compassion.

Nursery Nurse Responsibilities:
Providing infant care, such as holding and rocking babies, preparing bottles and feeding babies, changing diapers, and providing emotional support, physical comfort, and social interaction .
Communicating with parents to update them on their child's progress and try to answer their questions.
Providing comfort to restless children, and communicating with families.
Ensuring care center environments remain safe and child-friendly.
Designing plans for child development and care, ensuring children are safe, happy, and stimulated, encouraging children's development through play.
Meeting with parents to discuss their child's health and development.
preparing and coordinating activities for children, setting up the nursery's daily routine, and attending meetings.
Supporting abused children and promoting public health and parenting.

Nursery Nurse Requirements:
Advanced training and certifications in Child Care and Development, or a related field.
Excellent infant handling skills as well as empathy and compassion for children.
Physical stamina to work with children and to work long shifts.
Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
Good technical, critical thinking, and innovative skills.
Strong organizational and observational skills.

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