Software Developer in Wigan, Lancashire

Applying for the Software Developer role

Ideal Business Services Ltd helps companies to improve and grow their business by providing software and IT solutions that: - save them time and money - give them reduced workloads and a better utilisation of staff resources - provide them with up-to-the-minute management reports and information - improve their relationships with their customers - integrate with their existing systems and ways of working wherever possible Our software customers mainly operate in the following industries: - Container storage and repair - Warehousing and Cold Storage - Airports - Shipping ports - Rail freight terminals - Marinas - Bulk liquids - Chemicals trading Because of the bespoke nature of our work, we can develop software solutions for any industry. We have worked on software projects in various parts of the world, including the UK, Ireland, Europe and the Caribbean.
Job Title: Software Developer
Location: Lancashire / Wigan
Salary: £20,000 - £28,000
Type: Full Time
Job Sector: IT & Telecoms
Sub Sector: Software Developer
Job Reference No: Ideal01

Job Description

We are seeking to expand our team with the addition of an extra full-time software developer to help us develop a new generation of software solutions, including a new Warehouse Management System.

The successful applicant will be based from our UK office and is expected to initially be working between Wigan and Liverpool.

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