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Job Title
Salary Range
Customer Service
£12,000 - £18,000 Lancashire / Manchester
Inbound Customer Service Agents £12,000 - £14,000 Lancashire / Manchester
Temporary Customer Service Advisor (5 months contract)
£5,000 - £12,000 Lancashire / Manchester

Customer Service Jobs

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If you are looking for a job working with the public then we have a range of customer service jobs that could be perfect for you. Whether you're looking for a job working face to face with the public or you would rather offer customer service over the phone, there is a perfect job just waiting out there for you.

We're always updating the list of customer services jobs that we have listed. This makes Staff Bay the ideal way to keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to local job vacancies. If you're serious about finding a customer service job then we're the place to help make it happen.

If you are someone that has customer service advisor jobs that you need to fill then we're happy to help. You can browse the CVs that candidates have put up or contact us with your job vacancy position to see how we can help.